The Invention Project

Seattle U.S.A., 26 July 2020, 6pm

GIACOMO PLATINI – Arc-en-Ciel (après la 2ème Invention de J.S. Bach)
Lorenzo Marasso, piano

– Performance and Streaming Links – The performance will be streamed on my Facebook as well as on my YouTube pages (see links to both below) on Sunday July 26th 2020 at 6pm PST (6pm US West Coast Time, 9pm US East Coast Time, 2am next day UK Time, 3am next day CET). Since it will be in the middle of the night for our friends in Europe and in the UK, please remember that the videos will remain up for the days to come, so you can always watch them later. If you have a Facebook account I believe you can watch the performance even if we are not in each other’s friends list, as it will be shared publicly, otherwise you can watch it on YouTube. The links are:


YouTube –  


Throughout time, music and art have been the unifying voice of generations torn apart by war and disaster. Following John F. Kennedy’s assassination, American conductor, pianist and composer, Leonard Bernstein, declared that “this will be our reply to violence, to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before”. Today these words resonate more than ever as humanity is enduring health, economic and social repercussions of a global pandemic and responding to much-needed calls for racial justice.

In the current crisis, the arts have suffered as cancelled performances and lost ticket sales have left audiences without music and artists without livelihoods. Yet many musicians have found new inspiration and connections through streaming technologies and social platforms.

Empowered by these new tools and hopeful for a return to sold-out concert halls in a not too distant future, the Invention Project is commissioning 15 composers from around the world to write 15 new works, united by the musical themes and inspiration of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Each composer will “invent” a unique piece for piano, inspired by one of Bach’s 15 Inventions and Sinfonias. The new pieces will be premiered, alongside Bach’s original Inventions and Sinfonias, via live streaming on Sunday, July 26th, 2020 at 6pm (PDT) by Italian pianist Lorenzo Marasso. The concert will be broadcast on this page, as well as on Facebook and on YouTube.

The Invention Project will elevate our souls and bring us joy through the universal language of music. Please join us to bring new original musical inventions into the present moment, where it is so urgently needed. The donation amount of your choice will be shared among the composers and the artist, who are together bringing new music to life.


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